Tom Jones-Seen That Face

Μάλλον θα αρχίσω να ανέβαζω μουσική στο blog μου. Δεν μπορώ να εκφραστώ χωρίς αυτή. Φορτώνω λοιπόν ένα εξαίσιο κομμάτι (για μένα) από ένα άλμπουμ, το 24 hours (2008) του Sir Tom Jones...απολαύστε το :)

I forgot how much it hurts, to see you cry
And just how inconcent the world seems when you smile
There was a little kiss in the back of the car
Looking right at me, his eyes spells with the stars
I felt so happy and so true
In that moment he remind me of you

I've seen that face looking back at me
It's like a mirror reflecting everything
A faded distant memory
Pulling at my heart

I wanna to protect to you, from any pain
Keep you close to me, so you will always feel safe
You know how much I love you, my sweet precious child
I would do anything, I'll walk trough fire
I see part of me in you,
And when you look at me it all come shinning trough

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